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Transgender Journey about Acceptance April 18, 2015

The transgender journey is really about acceptance, both your acceptance of yourself and others acceptance of you.  The second one is a gauge to let you know how you are doing on the first one.  Being self-loving is not the same thing as being self-serving or self-centered.  In fact they are totally different.

How can this be?  Very simply, we are one.  There is only One self… The Self.  By accepting and loving your self you are in fact accepting and loving all selves.  Don’t worry it does not mean you are approving of the self that murders or rapes.  You are just accepting them for who they are with a knowing that they are one possibility. Right and wrong are just human concepts.  We are each an expression of the whole, a slice of a very large pie.  Love it all!!

I ask that you contemplate this reality.  You are you and I am me and we are One!  Being transgender is just one expression of the whole and even this has a multitude of expressions just as being a heterosexual white male does.  Don’t let appearances fool you either.  Just because you may see a woman, they may see a man or you may read them as gay and they identify as pansexual.  You may think of them as a nice person, when they have done horrible things no one knows about thus thinking of themselves as a monster.  Love it all.

What it comes down to is Mind.  You’ve heard the expressions “never mind” or “I don’t mind”.  This is precisely so!  We exist in mind.  The material world we experience is a projection of this mind. (read Butterflies are Free to Fly by Stephen Davis and see the Holographic Universe video series for more on this)  So the acceptance is about accepting what the mind has created and making it all OK.  Some would call this forgiveness, so forgive it all.  None of it is “real”, so don’t worry there are no Ultimate consequences only temporary consequences to our actions.  Karma is real in the world of matter, so yes your actions do matter. (Pun intended)

If this blog confuses you then no worries, it confused me at first too.  Be curious and inquisitive.  The answer to your question is there… under that spot you prefer not to look.  Don’t be afraid, it is OK to peek in there.  You may be surprised at the wonder you find.  I am.

Love n Light,

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)

Unity in Gender Diversity



What do we really know about Gender? April 9, 2015

What do we really know about gender?  It seems we know far more about physical sex since this is tangible.  Both Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are constructions of the mind thus making them difficult to pin down.  It seems now they are not even “hardwired into the brain” as once believed.  (All thoughts come from the mind not the brain just in case you were unaware of this).  What makes us so malleable?  The old debate between Nature and Nurture seems to make vacillations from one to the other on a regular basis.  Perhaps it is neither!?!   This just came out and changes the game once again.

“A team of researchers successfully changed the gender in the brains of newborn rats from female to male, according to findings published this week in Nature Neuroscience. “Physically, these animals were females, but in their reproductive behavior, they were males,” Bridget Nugent, the lead author said…” (Reed, Carey 2015)

What does this mean to those who identify as Transgender?  This new finding would indicate that our status is the result of some chemical change presumably in the environment.  It is just as likely to occur after birth as before.  Perhaps it was the miscarriage drug given in the 50’s and 60’s, Diethylstilbestrol (DES) or perhaps it is in the food we eat.  Soy is now found in much of our foods especially since many children are lactose intolerant now and use soy as an alternative.  (I have personally felt the effects of phytoestrogens from foods like soy and flax).  There are many other sources of estrogen in the environment and it would follow that there are estrogen inhibitors also.  This would explain the gender incongruences and dysphoria’s that some experience throughout their lives.

Even sexual orientation is affected by the hormones running through our bodies.  Before starting hormone therapy I was curious about sex with men but had never been driven to seek out sex with them.  I was more stimulated by women.  After taking estrogen for some time my desires shifted to men and at the peak of treatment with a high dose I was passionate about it.  Now that I have no testosterone and take no estrogen (levels normal for a female of my age) I don’t really have any sexual drive.  The conclusion I would draw from my experience is that our hormones are behind our sexual drive and perhaps even our sexual orientation.

The question then is perhaps instead of using Contra-hormone therapy to treat Gender Dysphoria or Incongruency a neuter approach is more appropriate.  I am sure this would depend on the age of the individual and their desired outcome, but having no sex drive seems more desirable than one which drives you crazy (personal opinion).  This is not about sexual reproduction, because we already have far more people in this world than can be easily sustained and we certainly don’t need more egos running around!

Concerning gender identity the jury is still out.  It does seem that it is also malleable and if you want to be a girl or a boy that option exists.  My question would be Why?  Why do you feel wrong in your body?  Do you really even have a body?  Perhaps this is all just an insane delusion after all!  Question Everything!

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)

Unity in Gender Diversity





Happy Easter! April 5, 2015

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“During the Crucifixion, one of the Roman soldiers ran a spike through J’s (Jesus) wrist. He didn’t feel or show any pain. The soldier was indignant. He screamed at J and demanded, “Why don’t you feel any pain?” J looked at him calmly and said, “If you have no guilt in your mind, you cannot suffer.” The soldier became outraged at his inability to inflict pain on J, and stuck a spear in his side. It didn’t do the soldier any good, or have any effect on J.

At one point, with J nailed to the cross and with blood flowing down, he gazed lovingly over at his wife, Mary Magdalene, and she looked at him. As their eyes connected, a gentle smile came on both of their faces. They knew he had overcome death. He wasn’t a body in his mind. What he was couldn’t be killed by the world. It couldn’t even be hurt by the world! The spirit that he really was, which is no different than God, would go on forever. She was experiencing the same thing as J, and there was nothing anyone in the world could do to alter the truth that was within them.

That’s the message of the Crucifixion, or as J put it later in the Course, “Teach only love, for that is what you are. If you interpret the crucifixion in any other way, you are using it as a weapon for assault rather than as the call for peace for which it was intended.” (Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life, by Gary Renard)

Happy Easter Beloveds!  It is so important to actually understand what this day really celebrates.  Our level of expansion is reflected in our degree of understanding of this human experience.  Jesus is a story whose purpose is to free us from our misconceptions of “reality”.  Several of his teachings come to mind now – one is; be in this world – not of it.  Which actually means the only way to be free of it is to move through it.   Love your life and the ride is much more pleasant.  To hate it, get upset, or be angry is literally being mad (pun intended)!  It is resistance and as we know, what you resist, persists.  A confusion that often arises is that you must like all of your experiences and this is simply not true.  The fact is you will not like many of your experiences.  They are still good experiences.  The reason is up to you of course.  My opinion is we have experiences we don’t like because we need balance and it also expands the mind.  The deeper in illusion you are the more unpleasant experiences there are to be had.  Let go and allow yourself to rise up like a balloon rising up through consciousness!

On this day of Resurrection keep the above quote in mind and forgive your thoughts of dying!  Life is eternal!  No one ever dies, although the dream would have you thinking of it all the time.  Know that you have a body, but that you are not that body.  Nor are you the mind which thinks you are the body.  Be not attached to this world, but at the same time Love It!  Love every aspect and when the time has come we will be released from this dream to experience Eternity once again.

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)

Unity in Gender Diversity



Collaborative Commons March 25, 2015

If you have been reading my blogs you know how excited I am about the Zeitgeist movement and all things moneyless.  This article is not moneyless, but it does address a common question everyone asks about.  How do we go from Capitalism to a moneyless Resource Based Economy?  Listed below are the beginning and ending portions to the article which is quite long, but well worth reading the whole article.  Basic Income is a big part of this plan which makes a lot of sense.  Let’s read on…

“Post-Capitalism: Rise of the Collaborative Commons
The Revolution will not be Centralized

This article is a follow-up to “The Obsolescence of Capitalism: And the Transition to a Resource Based Economy,” which examined the effects of ongoing social and technological trends on the capitalist economic system, and the potential for humanity to restructure society and move from a system of scarcity to one of global abundance.  While the previous article presented a long-term vision for transitioning towards an alternative Resource Based Economy of abundance, this article will examine the more immediate conditions affecting society and how, over the coming years and decades, the capitalist market will increasingly be eclipsed, circumvented and overshadowed by an emerging Collaborative Commons. …


The productive efficiencies and disruptive capacities of new technologies will increasingly drive the marginal cost of producing goods and services towards near zero.  As traditional markets are circumvented, a new economic paradigm will progressively emerge that is built upon decentralized collaborative networks.

An Internet of Things infrastructure will propel aggregate energy efficiency from 14 percent to 40 percent across society.  An Energy Internet will empower prosumers to harvest, store and exchange clean and renewable energy across a distributed smart-grid.  3D printing will decentralize the manufacturing process, opening the means of production to anyone and everyone, while generating immense gains in productivity and efficiency.  Blockchain applications will eliminate the need for third-party trust and allow for the decentralization of everything from currency and finance, to legal agreements, licensing, social media, data storage, voting and governance.

With the development of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and advanced analytics and algorithms, human wage labor and the economic productive activities of the capitalist era will increasingly be handed off to intelligent technologies.

As capitalist markets and wage labor becomes less relevant, an economy built upon new principles and social values will progressively emerge: decentralized networks will take the place of markets; access to an abundance of shareable goods and services will reduce the significance of ownership and private property; open-source innovation, transparency and collaborative co-creation will replace the pursuit of competitive self-interest and autonomy; a commitment to sustainable development and a reintegration with the Earth’s biosphere will redress rampant materialism and overconsumption; and the re-discovery of our empathic nature will drive our pursuit for community engagement and social belonging in a rising Collaborative Commons.

The foundations of this economy will rest upon the principles of democracy, equality, diversity, transparency, universal access and sustainability.

If there is an underlying theme to the emerging paradigm, it is the decentralization of everything.” (Basic Income Blog, link below)

To read the article in its entirety click here (

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   ― Buckminster Fuller

Thanks for reading Transitions Blog,

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)


Memory vs Memories February 27, 2015

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Having recently passed the half century mark I could be concerned with memory by buying into popular myths and misfortunes.  But this would be entirely off base.  Why? Because memory has been an issue for me since childhood.  My brain has never worked like most people’s do, so I had to learn techniques to cope with these challenges.

Remembering things I have seen is really easy for me, but if I have not seen them and only read or heard them it is much harder to remember.  This runs true for most people, experience is the best teacher, meaning we remember things we have directly experienced far better than stuff we have only heard or read about.

The topic of memory is quite large filling volumes of materials so we need to condense it into a manageable space.  It can also be approached from different perspectives such as memorization in an academic setting, memory for daily activities such as work (remembering names and faces), and memories of personal experiences.  I will focus on the later and offer these websites to cover the other topics, Memorization for school –  Memory for daily activities –

Memories of personal experiences can be enhanced using the techniques offered in the previously provided websites on memory so I recommend reviewing them also.  I would like to offer up another term which greatly affects our lives and this is Selective Memory.  This may conjure up past or present relationships with a chuckle and it can be funny.  It can also be devastating to your Spiritual growth.  The simple fact is we tend to push unpleasant memories out of our mind and lock them away in our Pandora’s box which itself is hidden in our treasure chest of memories.  Yes, these are those experiences that cut to the bone and rocked our very soul!

Some would call this doing Shadow Work, just one name for it.  Here are some links to Debbie Ford’s life’s work, and  So if you find this to be helpful I will also recommend Byron Katie’s teachings, and  This said, have you ever felt like you have hit a wall in your growth?  Perhaps the same issues keep recurring or you frequently meet similar type individuals.  “Shadow work is nothing more than the process of making the unconscious conscious and the unacceptable, acceptable.” (  The habit of selective memory could be behind this process.  The less you wish to look at something the more your mind will want to show you!  If ignored for long enough drastic events will happen to force you to face the issues being ignored.  Often these are life changing events, emotional breakdowns, physical injury, or drastic shifts in career.  The path to healing is to face these scary memories and past experiences which have never had the opportunity to be processed by the mind.

What one discovers when they make the effort to explore these memories and feelings which at first may be scary, is just how harmless they really are.  Abuse or trauma is one of those things we all tend to hide away and at the time it was the most efficient method of dealing with this overwhelming experience.  Now that the threat has passed it is safe to take another look at what happened.  Do not trust your memories in this regard.  Focus rather on the feelings surrounding the event and explore the roots.  Having a guide on this journey is often the best and most effective choice to make.  Just making the choice to face your fears is often enough.  There is no reason to fully relive the experience, only to see that which you could not before.  Once seen in a big picture format all is put into perspective and the mind releases its hold on these frightful experiences.  When a light is flipped on immediately it fills the room and darkness is gone.  This is how the process works.  Choose to dig deep down within your own psyche carrying a lantern with you!  Be not afraid of what lies below for it could lead to treasure!

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)

Unity in Gender Diversity




Virtual Exercise January 26, 2015

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Some may call virtual exercise ‘meditation’ and they would be close. I call it the power of imagination.  The idea is really simple and goes like this; the two things which characterize exercise are deep breathing and blood flow. Of course the muscles contracting are simply one mechanism to make this work. Heat is another factor which as we do work, heat is produced thus increasing both breathing to cool the blood and blood flow for the same reason of cooling.

What if you were to practice deep breathing techniques while in a warm bath or room? When you get right down to it the warmth is not really even necessary, it just amps things up a bit. It really is all about the deep breathing and the imagination. Nothing exterior is really needed.

If you feel the need you can use things like the warm bath or room, music, virtual imagery, binaural beat brainwave therapy and perhaps even movement (calisthenics, yoga, negative resistance, etc). Imagine yourself climbing a mountain, running in the park, swimming in azure waters, whatever you like! Use the tools to assist your starting and then wean yourself off of them and always focus on the inner gifts and know the outer is simply an expression of the inner.

Deep breathing works because you are literally drawing life into your body. Prana/Chi=Air=Energy. As you breathe use your imagination to feel the energy filling each cell of your body, relax and move your focus from top to bottom and then back up again… focus on each body part starting with the head moving down to the toes and then back up again. Get very specific if you have plenty of time or be more general if this is a brief exercise. Be sure to visualize the energy filling the cells and organs, flushing out stagnant, stale energy and replacing it with new vibrant excitement… Love itself!

The more you practice the better and easier it will get. There will come a time when five minutes deep breathing whenever you are stressed or simply need a break will be all the exercise you need. It should be a regular, at least daily practice for 30 days, eventually becoming a happy healthy habit you will miss if you forget.

Note of caution: Please be careful not to hyperventilate, so go slowly and also keep the warm room, sauna, hot tub, bath to a minimum, 5-15 mins are enough. Tell someone where you are and ask them to check on you or simply have them join you. Common sense applies always and all ways.

Sequoia Elisabeth :-)

Unity in Gender Diversity


Healthy Living Guide January 23, 2015

We all hear what we should be doing to stay healthy every day and from a multitude of sources.  Who do you trust?  Is it “mother knows best”?  Sometimes, so let me share with you what I have discerned over the years from all this “advice”.  I will share this in a bullet format for easier navigation and retention.

  • Learn to listen to your inner guidance or intuition. In ACIM they call it the “Voice for God”.  No matter what you call it, know the difference between your ego voice or little-self speaking to you and your higher or God-self speaking.  If you are interested in learning more about this contact me, I can help.
  • Think Healthy! The power of the mind is not to be underestimated.   The life you live follows this format, Thoughts – Words – Action.  First you accept a thought (not all thoughts come from you, so whatever you accept then becomes yours), then you share it with others who either support it or not, then you take action on this thought and it becomes your reality.  Obviously this is a very simplistic explanation, but this basic understanding is vital to making positive changes in your life, changes you actually desire.
  • Meditate! Meditate! Meditate! Make meditation a daily conscious practice.  Everyone meditates unconsciously every day and this keeps them in the groove where they are.  So if you wish to rise out of that groove, to learn and grow, conscious meditation is crucial.  Several ways to do this and I talk about this in my eBook, Methods of Raising Our Energy, a free download from my website.
  • Exercise is what firms the body. It does not have to be complicated or difficult, but the more you move the stronger the body becomes… to a point, anything can be taken to excess.  Take the stairs always and everywhere, stay active at home, and walk instead of drive whenever you can.  Do stretching exercises and isometrics when you are at your desk or watching TV.  None of this is formal exercising, so you can do that too if you desire.
  • Consume life in moderation. Meaning all the things humans do which comprise life, eating, drinking, sex, sports, hobbies, etc.  Be conscious of what you are participating in.  Question everything!  Just because someone is an expert or a family member or a friend does not mean they know what is best for you.  All they can do is speak for themselves.  Don’t allow yourself to be caught in the flow or tide of mass action.  Just because others are doing it does not make it good for you.  This goes back to intuition, listen to your inner voice before any others.
  • Stick to natural foods, the less processing the better. (Junk food: food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged foods needing little or no preparation.) The healthiest diet known to mankind is a Raw Food diet. I know this can be difficult in our present society so do some research and do the best you can.  Learn about the alkalinity of foods, the less acid the better. (This is just a blog, but if you have questions please ask)  In our modern day society we have destroyed the nutrients in our food and modified others so much they are no longer healthy to eat.  Gluten foods, wheat, barley, rye, and oats should be eliminated from your diet.  This video explains it nicely:
  • Fasting and detoxification should be done on a regular basis. I do a 12hr fast every day and a three day fast once or twice a year.  The detox can be done at the same time when you supplement with organic apple juice.  There are many programs out there to detox so research this and choose something which you feel is do-able.  It is scary at first, then you realize how good it feels when you are done and it gets easier the next time.  This practice aligns with the Law of Rhythm and promotes good health.
  • Food is nutrition, not pleasure. Understand that eating can be enjoyable, but this is not its purpose.  Remember this and accept that some things which are good for you nutritionally do not necessarily taste good, eat them anyway.  Eat foods by color and as they say, “eat the rainbow”.  If all your food is one color; then you are out of balance.  Eating can be a meditation or at least a conscious act to feed the body and soul.  Think positively about your food, say grace, and be grateful for the energy this food brings to you.

This is the short list as this could easily be a book.  I have provided a few links to make researching a little easier.  Every question has an answer, so just relax and ask questions while being open to the answer, it may not be what you want to hear.

Sequoia Elisabeth

Unity in Gender Diversity



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